Dance schools and performing arts colleges which strive to produce high quality work and have a loyal and supportive following are the perfect ‘fit’ for Virtuoso Imaging.  You don’t have to be the ‘biggest’ or ‘the best’ but you have a strong work ethic and a love of dance and performance. Dancers are proud to belong to your dance school.

If this describes your dance school, theatre school or college, then we will get on well!



In consultation with the Principal, we establish your specific requirements and come to you at a pre-arranged time and date.

All you have to do is have the performers ready in the appropriate costume or attire and we will take care of the rest!
Using high quality studio specification lighting equipment, we create the type of images that you see in our galleries in any location that has a suitable space (and some that don't!) After the shoot images will be uploaded into private online galleries for the performers, students or parents to view and order.

For the photocall images, every picture that is ordered is then individually edited so each customer gets a 'finished' product which they can order as a print or a JPeg file.



Whether your showcase is annual or bi-annual, we know that for you, your dancers and their parents, it’s a BIG deal and we offer both a pre-show shoot and an innovative way of creating massive value for parents from the show itself.

Our approach to photographing shows has evolved to a point where we believe that the value we provide is outstanding.  We have created an innovative pricing plan whereby for one up-front payment, per performer, everybody can download ALL of the edited images fro your show! *

We know that showcases traditionally have lots of group numbers and few solos, yet we also know as parents, we really love close ups of our own children. From 2016, we will shoot shows with 2 photographers with one focused solely on capturing the groups and the other photographer concentrating on getting the best shots of individuals.  This really is the best of both worlds!

After the show, all of the images are edited (which normally takes a couple of long days).  The edited images then go into an online gallery and then people can download ALL the JPegs. Our experience has shown us that using this method, everybody gets maximum value and images get downloaded in their thousands! What’s even better for us is that we don’t then have the frustration of seeing our watermarked images on social media because everyone has them direct from us.

For the show, a single price per performer is a great way of making sure that everybody gets something.

* Cost per head varies on the size of the show, however £15 is a typical charge and on average, a thousand edited images will be available.

Here is some feedback from a recent Client….

'Drew of Virtuoso Imaging travelled to Dublin to shoot our anniversary school shows. During the pre-show portrait shoot Drew was fantastic with all the children and students, putting them at ease and getting the absolute best out of them. The results were wonderful. The show photographs were of an amazing standard. Our parents were thrilled and it proved to be a low risk, cost effective service to offer our parents who got exceptional value for money.  Drew is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Virtuoso Imaging.

Karen and Chris - Leotards and Monologues



The Pre-Show shoot takes place at the location of your choice. As you can see from this gallery, we will create studio quality images of your perfumers in costume or in your dance school uniform.  

All of the images in this gallery were captured in dance studios.  As well as beautifully lit and classically styled portraits, your dancers will also be encouraged to stretch themselves to evoke something from their routine or to showcase a particular talent that they have, making the images extra special.

If the shoot is booked in well in advance, we can also supply you images of your groups in costume for your show programme, to add another professional touch to your production, as well as helping to create a great souvenir.

Of course, this type of shoot does't only have to be done in conjunction with a show, we can do this any time that works for you.  Opportunities to get images like this don't come round very often.  We know that your schedules are packed as well so you can book as far in advance as you like.

Just e-mail or call 07825 - 447557 


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