Photographers tend to ‘wax lyrical’ about their dance portfolios and really, it all tends to sound the same.  It’s difficult to tell from the marketing ‘blurb’ what a photographer’s capability really is when it comes to photographing dancers.  This is more of a ‘don’t take my word for it’ kind of introduction.  Victoria Marr, trained at Elmhurst School For Dance before joining The Royal Ballet School.  From there she joined Birmingham Royal Ballet, where she enjoyed a career spanning 17 years, reaching the position of First Soloist and dancing principal roles all over the world. It’s difficult to imagine someone more qualified to comment on the merits of a dance photographer. This is what she said…

"In dance, each movement is fleeting and the ability to capture the split second at the very height of a jump or the best line in an extension is a rare one.

When you combine this with a head full of creative ideas and an abundance of contagious energy brought to each shoot; then you have a great photographer to work with."

What you get is the experience gained from photographing world-class ballet performances and collaborating with world-class professional dancers. However, the experience of shooting dancers of all ages and ability levels means that your photo-shoot is all about creating a unique set of images for you.

There is no ‘magic’ lighting set up or one size fits all approach. Every dancer has their own unique qualities and our job is to work with you to get the best possible images. How we do this is the icing on the cake!

We know that, as dancers, you have been ‘pushed’ and striven for perfection all of your lives. We know that when a teacher or choreographer says, ‘one more time’ that could mean, ’16 more times!’  We know that dancers are some of the most focused and hard working artists on the planet!!  We also know that we can push you to get that extension, to get the best line and to strive for the details that we know will make the shot.  We don’t give up! 

There’s more to it than that but we don’t want to give it all away here…suffice to say that typically, dancers leave our shoots on a high!






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