noun (plural virtuosi /-si/ or virtuosos)

• 1 a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit

• 2 a person with a special knowledge of or interest in works of art or curios

Virtuoso is often used to refer to an individual with superior technique or ability in fine arts or music.
Virtuoso also refers to someone who has a refined understanding of artistic excellence, whether as an aficionado or collector.

Virtuoso Imaging was founded by two specialist photographers with a love, not only of the arts but of the performers whose talents can leave us open mouthed with awe or even wiping away a tear!  We know that as performers, you are your own harshest critics and at times, this can be tough.  That’s because, as image makers, we go through the same painful process, striving for perfection on every commission and when it’s done, and you are loving your images, we are still scrutinizing the details to make sure we did our best!  With a genuine affinity for the performers in front of the lens and healthy obsession with producing the best possible results for our clients, your satisfaction is what motivates us.


We create stylish and memorable imagery for performing artists of all ages and abilities, including:

•Professional dance and theatre companies

•Performing arts and dance colleges

•Community dance and theatre schools. 

•Portfolios for individual performers

As our portfolio testifies, nobody is too famous or talented and nobody is too young or inexperienced to benefit from our unique approach to creating pictures!


There are very few photographers in the UK whose repertoire ranges from ‘grass roots’ dance schools through to college graduates and world class professional dancers!  We have proven ability, with our portfolio showing work with some of the leading players and organisations within the UK performing arts.  A friendly, flexible professional approach while striving to create the best possible images for you means that your experience will be as good as your images.


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